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Weight Loss Surgery: Not just an easy pill to swallow!

I learned something about myself during my visit with the bariatric surgeon the other day.  I am, for quality of life reasons, willing to swallow a pill that may have harmful effects at some point down the road, but I am not willing to subject myself to unnecessary surgery that could damage me for life or kill me right now.  In other words, I am able to turn a blind eye toward the possible side effects of the various weight-loss producing meds that my doctor prescribes for me, but I am unable (at least at this point in my journey) to allow a surgeon to drastically alter my innards so that I might look thinner and feel better–the operative (no pun intended) word here being might.   That being said, I am glad that I investigated the surgical option and did not give in to last minute, negative self-talk which, fueled by the lack of positive feelings about the surgery from my family, urged me to cancel my appointment and tried to make me feel like a fool for ever considering it.   Gaining facts to make an informed decision is never a waste of time.

The surgeon was very kind and informative.  He spent almost an hour describing the procedures and answering all of the questions posed to him by my loved ones and myself.  At the end of the hour, he wrapped up by saying that I should think about it and come up with more questions.  I’m sure he could sense the uncertainty and negativity in the air.  My loved ones were still completely against the surgery, and I was left concerned about the risks and unconvinced that any of the options would solve my problem. Continue reading Weight Loss Surgery: Not just an easy pill to swallow!