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Optimist, Pessimist, Scientist or Realist?

People have at times complained that I can be negative or a pessimist, but I have always believed myself to be more of a realist–someone who looks at both sides and comes up with a logical conclusion.  The following photo that I clipped from my sister’s Facebook post tonight describes my view of life better than I can.

The optimist sees the glass half-full; the pessimist sees it half-empty. And then there’s the scientist…glass always full

I’m not a scientist, but scientists are, we hope, realists.  So, by my way of thinking, the glass is always full, but the way you see life by looking at the glass depends on whether you need air or water more at any given time.  Life is what it is.  Some people make it worse or better than it is.  I try to take a more logical and rational approach.  It doesn’t always work–we all have bad days–but I give it my best.