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On Fire and Going Nowhere!

I marvel at the callousness and lack of caring exhibited by what seems to be the majority of the American public.  So absorbed in their own pursuits are they that a stranger in need is either invisible to them or perceived as nothing more than a serious obstacle, an inconvenience as they race forward to God knows where.  While driving to work the other day, I observed a Volkswagon Bug in the lanes going the opposite direction.  It was smoking and bursting into flames while it’s owner, a thin blonde woman, stood in the median frantically gesticulating to attract attention and warn oncoming traffic.  Did one person pull over and stop to help her, to offer assistance or moral support?  Not that I saw!  Frustrated and annoyed that someone else’s crisis might delay them from their destinations, they jockeyed for positions and then drove on by.  Honestly, I’m surprised no one honked!

Optimist, Pessimist, Scientist or Realist?

People have at times complained that I can be negative or a pessimist, but I have always believed myself to be more of a realist–someone who looks at both sides and comes up with a logical conclusion.  The following photo that I clipped from my sister’s Facebook post tonight describes my view of life better than I can.

The optimist sees the glass half-full; the pessimist sees it half-empty. And then there’s the scientist…glass always full

I’m not a scientist, but scientists are, we hope, realists.  So, by my way of thinking, the glass is always full, but the way you see life by looking at the glass depends on whether you need air or water more at any given time.  Life is what it is.  Some people make it worse or better than it is.  I try to take a more logical and rational approach.  It doesn’t always work–we all have bad days–but I give it my best.