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Green Tea: Metabolism Boosting Gold?

I’m always looking for easier or better ways to accomplish difficult tasks.  At present, the most difficult task I am facing is losing 100 plus pounds.  The other day, I happened upon an article on my home page, FoxNews.com, entitled No time to work out? Try these 7 tricks to boost your metabolism that grabbed my attention.  Hopeful but a bit skeptical because I’m not one to buy into fad diets or false promises, I clicked on the link and received a pleasant surprise.  This is a great article–short and to the point and full of helpful tips.  Some of my takeaways from the article, realistic changes I believe I can make now to help boost my metabolism and therefore attain my weight loss goal:  Drink more ice cold water, eat more lean protein, drink a few cups of high quality green tea every day, and try to sleep at least 9 hours per night.

What about the suggestions that I am unable to make work (at least not right now)?  In the past, my all or nothing attitude would have defeated me before I started.  An older, wiser me now realizes that some benefit is better than no benefit and has learned to be content with what I am able to do.  I don’t own heavy weights and am not in good enough shape to do a quick, high-intensity workout.  Spicy foods don’t work for me–not the temperature going down nor the indigestion afterward.  And, I only eat organic produce when it’s available and affordable which is almost never.  Four out of seven I can do.  That’s not too bad.  I’ll add the weight training once I have the first four mastered and am in a little better shape.  For now, I am happy sitting in front of my computer sipping a cup of Teavana’s Gyokuro Imperial Green Tea which better be worth its weight in metabolism boosting gold because it is almost as expensive. 🙂


Optimist, Pessimist, Scientist or Realist?

People have at times complained that I can be negative or a pessimist, but I have always believed myself to be more of a realist–someone who looks at both sides and comes up with a logical conclusion.  The following photo that I clipped from my sister’s Facebook post tonight describes my view of life better than I can.

The optimist sees the glass half-full; the pessimist sees it half-empty. And then there’s the scientist…glass always full

I’m not a scientist, but scientists are, we hope, realists.  So, by my way of thinking, the glass is always full, but the way you see life by looking at the glass depends on whether you need air or water more at any given time.  Life is what it is.  Some people make it worse or better than it is.  I try to take a more logical and rational approach.  It doesn’t always work–we all have bad days–but I give it my best.