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On Fire and Going Nowhere!

I marvel at the callousness and lack of caring exhibited by what seems to be the majority of the American public.  So absorbed in their own pursuits are they that a stranger in need is either invisible to them or perceived as nothing more than a serious obstacle, an inconvenience as they race forward to God knows where.  While driving to work the other day, I observed a Volkswagon Bug in the lanes going the opposite direction.  It was smoking and bursting into flames while it’s owner, a thin blonde woman, stood in the median frantically gesticulating to attract attention and warn oncoming traffic.  Did one person pull over and stop to help her, to offer assistance or moral support?  Not that I saw!  Frustrated and annoyed that someone else’s crisis might delay them from their destinations, they jockeyed for positions and then drove on by.  Honestly, I’m surprised no one honked!

If You Aren’t Angry & Frightened, You Aren’t Paying Attention

During my recent staycation this September, I revived a Twitter account that I had opened and quickly abandoned years ago.  Coincidentally (or not) my return to Twitter coincided with the timing of the recent budget votes and came just days before Senator Ted Cruz’s lengthy impassioned anti-Obamacare speech on the Senate floor.  One or two tweets from me about my opposition to Obamacare and I had retweets galore and followers aplenty almost overnight.  They followed me.  I followed them.  Soon I was hooked–swept into the world of Obamacare, the debt crisis, the Common Core debate, the right to keep and bear arms and other issues of government overreach.

I am a conservative–fiscally and socially.  Why?  Because I believe in God, The Constitution of the United States and The Bill of Rights.  I believe in the vision of our founding fathers–limited government and freedom from tyranny and from religious persecution.  For many years now, I have become increasingly concerned, and yes frightened, at the overreach of our governments both the federal and those of the various states.  I am sickened by the knowledge that while the people of this once great country sleep, ignoring the big picture and consumed with the details of their own personal lives, our government quietly intrudes further and further into those lives, takes away our ability to choose and grabs more and more power, working toward rendering us dependent and impotent to fight back. Continue reading If You Aren’t Angry & Frightened, You Aren’t Paying Attention